Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Tigre, the Spawn of Satan, started spitting out kittens on Monday night. It was not unexpected, but she started in the middle of the kitchen while we were trying to get dinner together. Monday night was also the first night that the new A&E intern Ed "Chops" Fitzgerald got into town. He is crashing at my house for the foreseeable future unless the heat drives him away. I did turn on the 2nd a/c for him which is rare, but I didn't want him to melt. Ed had an eventful 1st evening with the introduction to Louisiana summers, backyard grilling, little girls swimming in the kiddie/doggie pool, and kittens in the middle of dinner. When the party broke up Tigre had spit out 5 kittens and was still pretty big. I was still surprised the next morning when I woke up to 9 kittens! Tigre and the babies are staying at Billy's House for Unwed Kitties presently so my dogs can't eat them.


Anonymous said...

So, did you make Tigre an appointment yet?

SJ said...

Billy said I can't have Tigre back and I offered to get her fixed but he said he would do it.