Friday, January 9, 2009

Legalize Frostitution

Here is sweet story about the Country's Best Cupcakes. Of course I felt the need to read it since I loovvee all baked goods especially those covered in a sugary substance such as icing. I was glad that at least one of the bakerys I had been to when I lived in Savannah. Sadly I believe I only went there once as there was a bakery close to my house that also had yummy treats. The Legalize Frostitution comes from the Cupcake Royale Bakery in Seattle. They apparently also had a saying Rock Out with Your Cupcake Out! I visited the site hoping they would have t-shirts featuring this, but I was dissapointed that they were no where to be found. They did have the Legalize Frostitution in girls.

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The Real Krista said...

Saint Cupcake in Portland is indeed the best. My friends and I like to go cupcake shop hopping on Friday nights and that's always our first stop!