Friday, June 1, 2012

James Franco's article on Girls

James Franco recently wrote an article about his thoughts on the HBO show Girls. I haven't seen the show and I may or may not watch it one day, but I like James Franco sometimes! Apparently there is some controversy about the all white cast on the show. Which I kinda think is bs as there are shows with all black or predominately black casts. I am white and I watch them and don't get all pissy that there are no white people on the shows or movies (I heart Tyler Perry movies!). The controversy is completely off topic for this post, but that is what led me to the James Franco article. My favorite line from the article

 "I watched Steel Magnolias incessantly when I was in junior high school, and I can get off on female bonding." 

Really James Franco you watched Steel Magnolias incessantly?! What? James Franco can be funny, but this kinda comes from left field. If this is true than you I guess you really did fit your first role in Freaks and Geeks!  All I can say is I live outside of Natchitoches, La. the town the movie was based on and where it is filmed. Give me a heads up the next time you are in the area and I will give you a personal tour!

James Franco: A Dude's Take on Girls

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