Friday, May 31, 2013

Not Reccommended...Trying to pick up a beaver for a photo op!

A fisherman was killed in Belarus when he spotted a beaver on the side of the rode. He was with friends and they stopped the car for him to take a picture with it. Apparently beavers have become very aggressive over the last couple years (maybe they always have been) and it fought back biting him in several places. It severed an artery in his leg and he bled. It was apparently the first beaver death in Belarus!

Beaver Kills Fisherman

This reminds of my friend fighting over a tree limb in the night...with what we are pretty sure was a beaver (alcohol may or may not have been involved). After laughing hysterically in the car for like 5 minutes I finally yelled at him to stop before he lost a nipple. We live in Louisiana so it probably wouldn't have been to out of the ordinary. Oh if only I had my camera with me! It still makes me laugh to remember him playing tug of war over a tree limb in the dark with the only light coming from my headlights. What happens in the woods doesn't always stay in the wood because this was a hilarious story. I may have to draw a picture at some point.

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