Thursday, August 13, 2015

Really Gweneth

"We found some very cool things at an insane price point, proving that it really is about the high/low mix."

No Gweneth this is not an INSANE price point to people that don't live in lala land! This is a regular price point that people can hopefully afford unlike the your White Satin Achilles Sneakers that cost $395 or your $200 Shark Keychain! While that Shark Keychain is pretty sweet I have better things to do with my money like buy groceries or pay my electric bill!

At some point I just wonder if she is going to stop opening her mouth and sticking her foot in it! She is part of the 1 %. Not everyone has millions of dollars lying around to spend on $200 keychains! Most people are struggling just to get by, keep a roof over their head, and put food on the table. I for some unknown reason am still on the mailing list for her ridiculous "lifestyle" email or whatever you want to call it. Maybe 1 % of the people that receive it could actually afford something that she is recommending. Maybe some look at it and dream of being able to spend ridiculous amounts of money of crap they probably don't need. The rest of us (at least me) are reading and having a totally WTF moment! How can you be so disconnected to think this is a worthwhile pursuit? Isn't there something better you could do with your time?

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