Monday, April 20, 2009

The Longest Way

Christoph Rehage planned to walk from China to Germany beginning in Beijinng starting in fall 2007. He did not make it Germany, but did manage to cover about 4,000 km (around 2,500 miles). He has a video on youtube that is a timelapse of his travels. It is intersting and has some rockin' music. It was mentioned on Neotrama today and I watched the video which piqued my interest and I followed the link to his website The Longest Way. What I really got into was the archive of his walk from Paris to Bad Nenndorf that he did in 2003 with his dog along for the whole trip and a friend for part. I totally recommend checking this site out!

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Anonymous said...

This would have been so cool to follow him while he was actually walking.